Welcome to the new class site

P99 logoFor the last ten years as the class webmaster, I have been wanting to do something more dynamic with the Princeton Class of 1999 site. Because the Tigernet server does not allow proper script or database support, what we could do with this site was extremely limited.

  • So we moved our site to a third-party host (TotalChoice Hosting).
  • The domain princeton99.com goes directly here instead of redirecting to a Tigernet site.
  • This site is now built upon the Movable Type Pro Publishing Platform. While, Movable Type is technically “blog” software, it does a decent job as a Content Management System.
  • We hope to make use of social networking tools like Twitter, Flickr, and Facebook, which will be integrated with the main site.

Unfortunately, a tight deadline for Reunions costumes meant that we had to launch the site one month early. This means that there are temporarily a few areas of missing content, and the design is not quite finalized. Also, the photo upload feature for the updated Freshman Herald is not yet functional. I should rectify this by the end of the week.

I hope that you visit this site quite often over the next ten years.