Reunions 2017

Reunions 2017: June 1st through June 4th
Registration: No fee, register at Baker Rink

Hello Class of 1999!

Below is the scoop on Reunions this year.

We will be hosting a Hoagie Haven lunch at our P-rade gathering spot again, in conjunction with the Class of ’98. Please note that the deadline for ordering your P-rade hoagies has passed.

If reading about Reunions makes you nostalgic and you are interested in hosting a summer or “back to school” gathering in your area, please contact Emily Walling or Gary Pai. Emily is organizing a Bay Area gathering for early fall.

Reunions 2017
Thursday, June 1st – Sunday, June 4th

Tigeritaville logo

Tigeritaville, Princeton Class of 1997, 20th Reunion

We are guests of the 20th Reunion — their theme is “Tigeritaville”:

“It’s ’97 o’clock somewhere.  We’ll don our flip-flops, sunglasses, and, of course, a little orange and black for a trip to Princeton’s all-inclusive island resort located in beautiful Little/Edwards courtyard.  Come enjoy the unique flavor of the Keys and the Caribbean.  Relax to the sweet sounds of steel drums, reggae, and Jimmy Buffett (with plenty of great party music too).  We’ll have all sorts of island themed activities for you and your companions.  It’s a once in a generation trip you’ll never forget…”

Satellite class policies as of last year are below.  Please note guest policies.

Reminder: If you plan to be back on campus for P-rade, we will be organizing hoagies from the one and only Hoagie Haven again, so please click here to order your hoagies. The deadline for placing your order is this Tuesday, May 30th at 5:00PM EDT.

Three cheers for Old Nassau and happy Memorial Day weekend!
Emily (Koster) Walling ’99 S’01 and Gary Pai ’99
Class of 1999 Vice Presidents

Satellite Reunion and Guest Information:

  • There is no advance registration or fee for satellite alumni.
  • Satellite alumni should register with their own class, even if they are spouses or children of major reunion alumni, unless they decide to pay the appropriate amount to fully participate in the major reunion meals and costumes.
  • A satellite alumnus/a may register one adult guest (over age 21) for free. Satellite alumni may also register their adult and minor children or grandchildren, along with their child/grandchild’s respective spouse/partner, for free.
  • A satellite alumnus/a may not register additional adult guests.
  • Minor guests not related to the alumnus/a are not eligible to receive a wristband.
    At the time of onsite registration, a satellite alumnus/a should register all guests who will require wristbands. The alumnus/a does not have to be present when their adult guests check-in and receive their wristband, so long as they have been previously registered by the alumnus/a. However, the alumnus/a must be present to register and wristband minor children or grandchildren.
  • 10th – 35th Satellite Classes
    Register at Baker Rink.
    After registration, alumni may proceed to their respective major reunion headquarters sites to sign their class ledgers and pick up a button.

    • Thursday:  12:00 noon – 12:00 Midnight
    • Friday:       10:00 a.m. – 1:00 a.m.
    • Saturday:    9:00 a.m. – 12:00 Midnight

Blast from the Past

Tentucky Derby redux

Those stumbling by the tenth reunion area this coming weekend may think that they have fallen into a portal that led six years into the past.

Fear not. It is still 2015. The class of 2005 just decided that the Tentucky Derby theme was so awesome that it was worth repeating. Mint juleps all around!

Reunions is coming.

Game of 00s

Class of 2000 Reunions logo, “Game of 00s”

Coming back to campus for your 16th Reunion? This year, Princeton Reunions is May 28–31, and we will be affiliated with the Class of 2000’s 15th Reunion: Game of ’00s (it’s a Game of Thrones theme, apparently).

Registration is free for satellite (non-major) classes this year. You can register yourself, a guest (only one adult guest allowed), and any related tiger cubs at Baker Rink when you arrive on campus. No pre-registration necessary.

For full details, please visit the University’s Satellite Reunion and Guest Information page.

We hope to host our annual P-rade reception, complete with Hoagie Haven goodness, again this year. Gary Pai will be emailing you with more information and an order link as we get closer to Reunions. We could use some able bodied volunteers to help lug hoagies from the Haven to our P-rade spot so please email Gary if you are willing to help (

Reunions: Useful Links

Reunions is just over two weeks away, so here are some useful links to help plan your trip back to campus.

Travel Advisory: No Direct NJ Transit to Newark Airport

According to a Port Authority press release, AirTrain Newark service will be suspended for approximately 75 days beginning Thursday, May 1, 2014. The closure is necessary to allow critical repairs to the airport rail system. 

That means that Reunions travelers flying in to Newark Airport (EWR) will either need to take a shuttle bus to Newark Penn Station before heading south to Princeton Junction or arrange for taxi or car service. Of greater concern is the return trip. To avoid missed flights, travelers should allow extra time for the shuttle bus from Newark Penn Station to the airport or make alternate travel arrangements. 

The Dinky train at the new Princeton Station

An additional surprise awaits classmates arriving via the Dinky. The new temporary Princeton Station is located a 5-minute walk south-east of the old, demolished Dinky station. On-campus Tiger Transit shuttles circulate near the new station for those who don’t want to carry their luggage the extra distance.

Community Service with the 25th Reunion

The 25th Reunion (the Class of 1989) has two family-friendly community service events that they have invited our class to participate in.

Kids Against Hunger Coalition logo

Packing Meals for Kids Against Hunger Coalition
Friday, May 30th
10:30 am – 1:30pm
New South Tent
No cost

The Class of 1989 will be teaming up with the Kids Against Hunger Coalition to package 50,000 meals, which will feed 50,000 adults or 100,000 children in need.

Find out more information about how you can volunteer or donate to this project.

4th Annual Princeton University Reunions Race (PURR)
Saturday, May 31st
Register by May 1 to get your PURR t-shirt (registration is $28)

Registrants for the fourth annual Princeton University Reunions Run (PURR)  can walk or run the 5K cross-country course for a great cause. Proceeds benefit the aforementioned service project for the Kids Against Hunger Coalition.

Find out more info about registering for the race or volunteering to help with the race.