Princeton ’99 Calendar of Events

Hello ’99s,

“Back to school” time is here, so we’re kicking off the 2015-2016 year and letting you know about the calendar of Princeton-related activities coming up this season.

Thanks to those of you who responded to the Class Survey last spring. We have 20+ classmates who have volunteered to host events in the various major metro areas and Puerto Rico and will be reaching out.

Looking for a good read?

Whistling Vivaldi coverPresident Eisgruber selects an insightful book for the incoming freshman class to read before arriving on campus each year for the Princeton “Pre-Read.” This fall, the selection was Whistling Vivaldi – How Stereotypes Affect Us and What We Do by Claude M. Steele. Feel free to grab a copy on Amazon.

“Whistling Vivaldi” presents some of the most important social science work done in the last quarter-century, and speaks directly to issues that are important to our nation and our campus community. Professor Steele describes a series of inventive experiments — including some involving Princeton students — that enabled him to develop and test his hypothesis about how negative stereotypes affect us in times of stress. All of us, no matter what our backgrounds may be, will recognize ourselves in some of Professor Steele’s examples.President Eisgruber

Catch up with classmates at Princeton events

Please see below for the list of University-sponsored events taking place this year. From the Harvard Game tailgate, to conferences on campus focusing on Asian American alumni and Jewish life at Princeton, to the one and only Reunions, there are many chances to re-connect. Additionally, President Eisgruber will be touring this year so we hope to host class meet-ups in conjunction with his visits. Please mark your calendars if there is a President’s visit near you and look out for info from regional alumni who will organize the event.

Class of 1999
2015 – 2016

A mix of University and local events for your convenience

October 15–17
We Flourish: Celebrating Asian American Alumni at Princeton University.
This is the University’s first conference targeted towards Asian American alumni. It’s free and open to ALL alumni.

October 24
Princeton vs. Harvard Football at Harvard.
For anybody in the Northeast, the Princeton Association of New England (PANE) hosts the Tiger Tent, the largest annual off-Princeton gathering and invites all alumni in the area to attend.

November 14
Princeton vs. Yale Football (Homecoming).
The Alumni Association hosts its fourth annual Tiger Tailgate, a reception held outdoors in Fine Plaza for all alumni, with free wine, beer, and food.

November 16
President Eisgruber ’83 – New York City Event

December 10
President Eisgruber ’83 – Puerto Rico Event

February 9
President Eisgruber ’83 – San Francisco Event

February 11
President Eisgruber ’83 – San Diego Event

February 20
Alumni Day

February 25
President Eisgruber ’83 – Nashville Event

March 13
President Eisgruber ’83 – Mumbai Event

March 15
President Eisgruber ’83 – New Delhi Event

April 14–16
Celebrating 100 Years of Jewish Life at Princeton
Princeton University cordially invites you to come back to campus for a University conference held in celebration of 100 years of Jewish life at Princeton.

May 5
President Eisgruber ’83 – Baltimore Event

May 26–30
Reunions 2016

And lastly, please don’t forget to send Lindsay any newsworthy updates for Class Notes and please pay your class dues – your $25 dues subsidize your beloved PAW subscription and we have had low dues response these last few years and need to pay for your PAW.

We look forward to connecting with you this year!
Your ’99 Class Officers
(Josh Pollack, Emily Walling, Gary Pai, Lindsay Fossett, and Ken Lee)

SF class event at Palomino

Our class event in SF last Saturday went well – we got about 12 people who had a great time catching up and really appreciated having a class-sponsored event.

Regional class event at Palomino in San Francisco

Pictured (l-r) are: Heather Kellman, Tim Pavlis, Lauren Escott Pavlis, Emily Koster Walling, Wiley Anderson, Chris Kelley, Cynthia Vasko Clark, Will Clark, Peter Helm ’01 S99, Rose Kuhn Helm, Anne Maglione ’01 (soon to be S’99).

Next up is the SoCal event this Saturday.