Class Notes – Volume 116, Number 11

mini reunion in Seattle

Hearing about classmates’ mini-reunions always makes me happy! So I was pleased to get the following update from Ashley Doran Northup:  “Last April, all the planets aligned and brought Julia Taylor, me, Kelly (Barkin) Sventy, and her brother Brad Barkin ’03 into my living room in Seattle for a sunny happy hour.  As always, we chatted like no time had passed and as if we didn’t all live thousands of miles apart. Felt just like college except there was a puppy, a baby, and some other kids running around and we were drinking white wine in glasses, not The Beast in keg cups. But, basically nothing has changed. I can report everyone is happy, healthy, and hilarious!”

David Kessler, wife, and daughters

David Kessler reports that he often finds himself surrounded by women. At least that’s how I interpreted the photo he sent. He checked in to announce the birth of their third child, Adira Merav Kessler on November 7. Adira joins her adoring sisters Selah and Naya.

Class Notes – Volume 116, Number 10

Forbes reunion in Houston

Jackie Bruce sends news of a Forbes reunion in Houston. She and Tara (Thompson) Dudley visited Lissa (Edwards) and John Pearson in Houston last spring. Tara lives near Austin with husband David and daughters Zoya and Aria. She is putting her PhD to good use at an architecture firm, and is currently working on a historical preservation project in Maryland. Lissa works for NOAA, and John is an assistant US attorney. They have daughters Katie Lou and Mae and had just welcomed a new rescue puppy into the mix! Jackie is a history teacher in Richmond and still keeps her hand in food/housewares marketing and blogging.

Jack Thomas Shapiro

Ilya Shapiro checks in to report that: “On Jan. 4, Kristin and I welcomed the arrival of our ‘first amendment.’ Jacob ‘Jack’ Thomas Shapiro arrived four weeks sooner than expected, showing the characteristic Shapiro impatience. Baby and mom are doing great; Jack even helps his dad write briefs and op-eds late at night, crying in alarm at maladroit turns of phrase. No word yet which bar exam he’ll take, but we’ve ordered a long-form birth certificate in case he goes into politics and Donald Trump’s grandkids question his birth details. In the attached picture, you can see that he even cheers on the Tigers in his sleep.”

Class Notes – Volume 116, Number 9

Bay, Annie, and Gigi

Thanks for the flurry of updates, classmates! Cat Bishop sends news from New Orleans: “We welcomed Gigi to the family this fall. She joins proud big brother Bay (7) and sweet big sister Annie (3.5). Here they are dressed in Mardi Gras colors of Purple, Green, and Gold. We are lovin’ life in New Orleans (hometown of Will Bishop ’00), as Carnival Season is upon us! Will is a Corporate and Securities lawyer, and I am working part-time as in-house patent counsel at Laitram, LLC, a neat local company that invented the first automated shrimp peeler (how very Louisiana!). Would love to hear from classmates who find themselves in our great city.”

Abigail and newborn Madison

Abigail Cromwell checks in from Seattle to report on the birth of her daughter, Madison West Cromwell, born April 18, 2015, to Abigail and husband Karl. Madison has been racking up the frequent flier miles with three trips to Boston, including one to watch Mommy race in the Head of the Charles; New York City; St. Petersburg, Moscow, and the Trans-Siberian all the way to Lake Baikal, where the family went on a hike in true wilderness; Banff, Canada; and to visit grandparents in Illinois and New Hampshire. Whew!

Class Notes – Volume 116, Number 8

classmates at holiday party

Boston-area Tigers decked the halls at your faithful secretary’s holiday party. Pictured are Bruce Stewart ’96, Matt Russell, Lindsay Fossett, Dan Hatfield, and Juliana Gamble. Andrew Levin and Laura Vaughn joined the party later in the evening. Matt and Dan both recently made the reverse move of suburbs to city. Juliana and her husband, Carlos, are trying to keep up with their son, Mateo, who just learned to walk. Andrew, Laura, and their two kids just returned to Boston after several years in Miami. I continue to fight Darwin every day in my work as an ER doctor.

AnnMarie and 3 sons

AnnMarie (Reich) Lattanzi visited me a couple of times this year from her home in Curaçao. In exchange, I spent a week with her family in their perch above the Caribbean. (No question about who got the better end of that deal!) AnnMarie is living in Curaçao for two years while her husband, Paul, is on assignment there with the Coast Guard. She works in the emergency department at the island’s only hospital. She’s pictured here on a visit to Boston with sons Zachary, Stephen, and William.

I’m perfectly happy to write about myself and my friends, but if you’d like to see more variety in my columns, send news!

Class Notes – Volume 116, Number 7

Dan Grech included some news with his class dues! He reports that he and Gretchen Beesing (Kalamazoo College ’01) celebrated a couple of milestones this year: 5 years of marriage and the 3rd birthday of their daughter, Iris. Dan is the Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations at the behavioral marketing technology company OfferCraft, which was founded by Aron Ezra. Gretchen is CFO of Catalyst Miami, a social justice nonprofit.

Class Notes – Volume 116, Number 6

Heather Lynn Kohl

Baby update alert! Besty Kohl reports that she and husband Mark welcomed Heather Lynn Sept. 26, 2014. Heather’s big brother, Mark Peter, is now a very energetic 2 1/2-year-old. Mark Sr. works for Reinstein, Glackin, Patterson & Herriott in Bowie, Md., and Betsy is with the Department of Energy, in the office of the general counsel. The family is looking forward to a hiking trip to Alaska in 2017 to celebrate Betsy and Mark’s 10th anniversary.

Post removed by request.

Happy New Year! Send me your holiday-card photos with some updates, please!

Class Notes – Volume 116, Number 5

John Alexander Ferraro

Joseph Ferraro checks in from Far Hills, N.J., to report that he and his wife, Kristy, welcomed son John Alexander April 21, 2015. John joins big brother Charlie (2). Joe is general counsel of Prospect Capital.

They say that no news is good news, but that definitely doesn’t apply to PAW! I want to hear about your trips and triathlons, dinner parties with fellow Tigers, book publications, weddings, babies. Send news!

Class Notes – Volume 116, Number 4

Wiles-Wechter weddingThe wedding of the year was so fantastic it had to happen twice. Allegra Wiles married Andy Wechter in a small ceremony Sept. 27, 2014, on the shores of Star Lake, N.Y. One party wasn’t enough for Allegra, though, so we celebrated again March 28, 2015, in Skaneateles, N.Y. Dan Hatfield and Katherine Mattison ’02 represented the Tigers at both events.

In March, Allegra and Andy, Dan, and Kat were joined by Lindsay Fossett, Anne Harris DeBrigard, Gabby Breslow, Sue Reslewic Keatley, Susan Schaefer Dunne ’01, Elizabeth Mercer ’01, Pia Sen ’00, and the inimitable father of the bride, Chris Wiles ’65. I can only assume that the wedding photographer was a Yale alum, because he “lost” the group Princeton picture. Let me assure you that we all looked as fabulous as Allegra and Andy do in this photo. In May, Allegra and Andy moved to Pittsburgh, where Allegra is senior counsel at the PNC Financial Services Group.

Class Notes – Volume 116, Number 2

News from the class-dues cards! Melissa Tritter Paschall reports from the People’s Republic of Cambridge, Mass., that she “recently bought and renovated a townhome in a beautiful co-housing community. I’m still working at Harvard Business School and will soon be teaching as an adjunct at Presidio Graduate School. My husband, Steve, took a leave from his job and is exploring a robotics innovation hub startup. Ellie is 3 and says the darnedest things. I can’t even begin to describe them.”

Your trusty class officers are working on some class events for the upcoming year. We are always looking for volunteers, so get in touch with one of us (me, Josh Pollack, Emily Walling, Gary Pai, Kenneth Lee) if you’d like to help! In the meantime, if you will be attending “We Flourish: Celebrating Asian American Alumni at Princeton University,” coming up Oct. 15-17, keep your eye out for a 1999 event during the conference.