Class Officers 2014

Because of a shortage of candidates for class officer positions, we had to cancel this year’s election. Fortunately, we had a volunteer for each position, which will carry us through the next five years. Below are each of their candidate statements. We had two candidates who chose to share the position of Vice President.


Josh Pollack

It’s difficult to wrap my head around the fact that we are now fifteen years out from Old Nass, and that I have had the honor of serving as your Class President for the past decade. Thank you so much for giving me that opportunity. But more importantly, I want to give special thanks to all of you that give so much of yourselves to our Class and to Princeton every day: our Annual Giving leaders, Josh, Ari, and Samantha, and those of you who repeatedly take on the unenviable task of asking classmates for funds; our Reunions Chairs, Emily and Deidre, and the numerous other members of our Reunions Committee who have put weeks and months of their time into a three-day extravaganza; and my fellow Class Officers, Gary, Ken, Bob, and Michael. Classmates, it would be a privilege to continue serving as your Class President. See you next week!


Gary Pai and Emily Walling

’99ers – We have a longstanding passion for Princeton. Over the past 15 years, we have served as Presidents of our local alumni associations (NYC and Northern California), on the Alumni Council Executive Committee and Alumni Schools Committee, and as Vice Chair of the NYC Prize in Race Relations (Gary) and Annual Giving Co-Class-Agent (Emily). For the past five years, as Class VP, Gary has helped improve our off-Reunions receptions, hand-delivering custom-ordered Hoagie Haven goodness to our P-Rade meeting spot, while Emily has served as Reunions co-chair for our 10th and 15th reunions.

As your co-VPs we would like to provide new opportunities for you to re-connect with other classmates and the University. We would like to increase the number of events we do globally. For example, we would create a new ’99 Day each year where classmates come together to participate in regional family, educational, social, or service events around the world. We would continue to host regional get-togethers, especially around key Princeton events, and also look for more opportunities to help you stay in touch (be they family-friendly events, private tours/lectures, discussion groups or travel opportunities).

We look forward to continuing to serve our class – wherever in the world you live – and supporting the Great Class of 1999!


Lindsay Fossett

Bob Smiley leaves some big shoes to fill, but I am ready for the challenge. I look forward to sharing our classmates’ milestones, both professional and personal. And any time you have more than two classmates gathered together, please take a picture and pass it along to me!


Kenneth Lee

I have had the pleasure and honor to be Treasurer for the awesome Class of 1999 for the past five years. I’ve identified and executed several cost saving steps and ensure the financial stability of our class while managing to keep our dues payments at a flat cost of $25/year (remember to pay your dues at There is more I would like to do to increase the transparency of dues payment history and continuing to increase the participation rate of dues payments. I would be honored to continue in this role. Locamotives!

Class Notes – Volume 114, Number 3

Jonathan Jia-Rong Hsieh

Brace yourself… the boom continues! Congrats to Jennifer Shen and husband Andrew Hsieh on the birth of their son, Jonathan Jia-Rong Hsieh (pictured), born August 10, 2012. Older brother Joshua, 4, is just as thrilled as mom and dad. Jennifer and Andrew are both doctors in San Francisco, where Jennifer is chief of family medicine at Kaiser Permanente and Andrew is an oncologist at UCSF. 

Mark Peter Kohl

On the other side of the country, Betsy (Packard) Kohl and husband Mark Andrew welcomed baby boy Mark Peter Kohl (pictured in his orange and black car seat) on March 30, 2013. Betsy writes “I can’t say enough wonderful things about the first Mark in my life, and we couldn’t wait to welcome a second one into our family.” Dad works at DeCaro Doran, a law firm in Bowie, MD. When Betsy goes back to work, she’ll return to the Office of the General Counsel at the Department of Energy. 

Class Notes – Volume 110, Number 3

Back in our freshman year, TRAVIS LEBLANC tried to assemble a bicycle he had purchased, but put the handlebars on backwards, couldn’t figure out how to take it apart, and never rode the thing once. Best I can tell, that was Travis’ last embarrassing failure. Since then he has racked up degrees from various elite schools including Harvard, Yale, and Cambridge, was married in 2007, and now finds himself working as an attorney for the office of legal counsel in the Department of Justice. Duties of the office include drafting opinions for the attorney general and ensuring that all of President Obama’s executive orders are actually legal. No word on when Travis expects to achieve complete world domination.

PAT LEE has a new position too, as the director of chronic diseases for Tiyatien Health in Liberia. The organization was founded by survivors of the country’s civil war and is committed to meeting the healthcare needs of Liberia’s poor. Before that, Pat was working for Partners in Health in Rwanda after finishing his residency at Massachusetts General Hospital. As if that isn’t enough to keep him busy, Pat will also be co-directing a new elective at Harvard Med School this spring. He says his career goals are “to strengthen primary care systems in developing settings and to teach the future global health leaders of tomorrow.” Based on the above, it sounds like he’s doing it. [ed. note: This item was marked as “particulary noteworthy” by the PAW editors.]

Congratulations to our new officers

Online voting is now over (as of 11:59 PM EDT on Tuesday, May 26th). Two races were uncontested, so those outcomes are obvious. We had 210 class members vote in the election. Congratulations to our new class officers.


Josh Pollack
(198 votes)


Gary Pai
(110 votes, 52.9%)

Brad Hart
(98 votes, 47.1%)


Bob Smiley
(108 votes, 52.2%)

Julie Angell and Emily (Koster) Walling [co-candidates] (99 votes, 47.8%)


Ken Lee
(201 votes)

Class officer voting is now open

Voting for the Princeton Class of 1999 officer positions is now open. The voting site is driven by the same Reunion Technologies registration system that powered sign-ups for Reunions.

The voting is now closed.

When clicking the link above, you will be directed to the log-in form.  Those who registered for Reunions may sign in with the same credentials; others can use the 10-digit number printed on the Princeton Alumni Weekly mailing label or click a link to retrieve that 10-digit number. There are more detailed instructions on the Reunion Technologies page.

The system will record whether you have voted to prevent you from voting twice, but the details of your vote will be anonymous. Final results will be announced on after 11:59 PM EDT on Tuesday, May 26th.

If you have trouble voting, please e-mail

Please familiarize yourself with the candidate statements below before clicking over to the voting page.

Candidate for President

Josh Pollack
It’s been a terrific five-year whirlwind serving as your Class President, and I want to thank all of you for the opportunity. This job has allowed me to reconnect with many old friends, and connect with many of you for the first time. We’ve accomplished so much as a class during that period, and it’s been a privilege to play a small role in the much larger work being done by our class volunteers – from our Annual Giving army to our tireless Reunions Committee to those of you who have taken the time to attend a class event or simply keep in touch with a small group of classmates. It would be an honor to continue serving as your President. See you at the Derby!

Candidates for Vice-President

Brad Hart
As we prepare for our 10th Reunion, I’m amazed at how quickly time has passed since graduation. As much as I miss our time at Princeton, I’m thankful for every opportunity I have to spend time with other ’99ers. As Class Vice President for the past 5 years, I’ve planned our popular off-year Reunions receptions and organized regional events. At these events, I’m continually amazed with all of the exciting things that members of our class have accomplished. I have enjoyed serving the class as Vice President and as the co-chair of our fifth Reunion and would like to continue serving the class by organizing and planning more class events over the next five years. I’m excited to reconnect with all of you at Reunions and want to build off our 10th to find new ways to bring the class even closer together.

Gary Pai
Class officers are for bringing the class together to do fun stuff and contribute to the larger community. Even spread out across the globe, we can connect more regularly and stay in touch. As president of the alumni association in NYC, I’ve helped organize many activities including mixers, wine tastings, and a trip to the zoo. I have the energy, the commitment, and the enthusiasm to serve our class as VP and I’d like to do more!

As VP, I’d work to organize mini-reunions in different parts of the world, volunteer projects, family-oriented events, and ski trips to some of the world’s best slopes. Let’s strengthen our connections and create memories through new P99 experiences. Please vote for Gary Pai as your new VP.

Candidates for Secretary

Julie Angell and Emily (Koster) Walling [co-candidates]
P’99 Class Notes – May 2009

Julie Angell and Emily (Koster) Walling, Reunions-planning maniacs, have got the “goin’ back” bug.

They write to say they’d love to be the Class of ‘99’s new Class Secretary. They want to hear about your weddings, babies, new jobs, book deals, advanced degrees, exotic treks, your Dad’s vineyard, your moves to Philly, Hong Kong, or the Bay Area — and more.

Both ladies also want to see more classmates re-connecting. Says EKW: I’ve been involved with Princeton forever; promoting class get-togethers is my thing!” Says JA: “I especially love hearing about ’99 get-togethers in places like Laos , L.A., and Buenos Aires . Invitations are welcome – I mean, just look at these cheeks!”

So put us to work, and let’s stay connected, ’99. Thanks for your time!

Bob Smiley
As a writer who has worked in TV sitcoms, I’m used to an audience with a short attention span. As someone who has done some freelance magazine writing, I hate typos. As a married man with two kids, I appreciate a nice wedding shot and a good baby photo. And as a Princeton alum who finds himself unemployed far too often, I always have plenty of time on my hands. Put these together and I’d like to think I’d make a perfect Class Secretary. (Endorsed by outgoing Secretary Sharon Sampson).

Candidate for Treasurer

Ken Lee
Ken is an avid ’99er and is looking forward to seeing you at our tenth reunion (Ken’s 14th in a row, 10th with a cowbell). He’s also proud of his flawless alumni giving record. He has been active planning this year’s Tentucky Derby as a co-chair on the Technology and P-Rade committees. As an engineer and manager, Ken is familiar with creating, managing, stewarding, and ethically controlling budgets. For the tenth reunion, Ken managed the reunion’s registration website, quickly responding to user requests and managing credit card transactions and refunds. It would honor Ken to serve as 1999’s treasurer.

Class Officer Election

It has been five years since our last class election, and it is time once again to select class officers. If you are interested in running for any of the four elected class offices — President, Vice President, Secretary, or Treasurer — please notify class webmaster, Michael Muzzie (, by this coming Monday, May 18th, at 11:59 PM EDT. 

Michael will conduct our elections process using a secure online system to tabulate votes. This is the same system used for Reunions registration. Those who registered for Reunions may sign in with the same credentials; others will be able to use the 10-digit number printed on the Princeton Alumni Weekly mailing label or click a link to retrieve that 10-digit number. The system will record whether you have voted to prevent you from voting twice, but the details of your vote will be anonymous. Ken Lee ( will assist with the sign-in process and confirm the results of the voting. 

Also, please send Michael a short candidate statement that can be posted online (preferably 99 words or less). We will notify all candidates of their status the morning of Tuesday, May 19th, and share the names of the other classmates who have expressed interest in running. At that point, potential candidates will have until 11:59 PM EDT on Tuesday, May 19th to confirm or withdraw their candidacy if they so desire.

The online election itself will go live for voting on Wednesday, May 20th, and conclude the next week, on Tuesday, May 26th, at 11:59 PM EDT.

If you have any questions about a particular office, please feel free to contact any of your current class officers:
Josh Pollack, President (
Brad Hart, Vice President (
Steve Metz, Treasurer (
Sharon Sampson, Secretary (