Class Notes – Volume 118, Number 8

Katherine Eleanor

Julie Angell checks in with the exciting news that she and her husband, Michael Bednark (NYU ’05) had a daughter, Katherine Eleanor, March 30, 2017. The family of three live in Brooklyn. Julie is a media and entertainment attorney at Franklin, Weinrib and Michael owns Bednark Studio, a set-design and fabrication company. Julie reports, “Life could not be better (save if my Princeton girlfriends lived in NYC).”

Christian Miller, a philosophy professor at Wake Forest, reports that his first non-academic book, The Character Gap: How Good Are We? came out in December. Amazon tells me that not only does it have a five-star review, it also is “frequently bought together” with Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House. Interesting.

Any other class authors or new parents out there? I’d love to hear from you!

Class Notes – Volume 118, Number 7

Cultivar 99 get-together

The weekend before Halloween, co-class VP Emily Walling organized a ’99 get-together in partnership with Jon Lawson, who has been acting as consulting CFO for Cultivar, a new wine bar in the Marina neighborhood of San Francisco. Tigers in attendance included Jon, Wiley Anderson, Marty Weissman, Ari Weinberg (in a special appearance from Greenwich, Conn.), Lissa Irons, Emily, Summer (Riley) Erickson, and Letam Biira, along with Jen (Taylor) Salcman, Josh Salcman and Gillian Ashenfelter (not pictured). There are more than 120 ’99s in the Bay Area, Emily writes, and in Menlo Park she lives very close to Adam and Heather Hopkins, Mark Ellis, and Aimee Shiu (and their respective families).

Adam is co-founder and managing director of NextEquity, a technology and new-media growth equity and VC firm. Heather started Toddle, a flexible preschool that focuses on early education, and the Community Equality Collaborative, which launches, connects, and supports initiatives for education equity and early learning on the San Francisco peninsula. Mark is the founder and CEO of Liftoff, a mobile app marketing and retargeting platform that was recently ranked number 8 on the INC 5000 list. Aimee is an endocrinologist and associate professor at Stanford. Emily recently started as head of consumer marketing at Ladder, an insuretech start-up in Palo Alto focused on modernizing and streamlining the process of getting life insurance.

Menlo Park class event

Ari also organized a class event at the Dutch Goose, Emily’s neighborhood dive bar in Menlo Park, over the summer. Pictured here are Mark, Nicole Irvin, Ari, Emily, and Wiley. Nicole is a VP at Goldman.

Class Notes – Volume 118, Number 5

Ethan and Evelyn

Judge Eric Jeschke reports that he and his wife, Megan, welcomed a son, Ethan, last December. Ethan’s 3-year-old sister Evelyn has a wonderful time trying to hug him even when he wants nothing to do with it. Eric lives in Northern Virginia and is an administrative patent judge at the US Patent and Trademark Office, while his wife is a partner at Holland and Knight. Eric reunited this summer with old roommates Dan Hatfield, Matt Russell, and Pat Horn in North Carolina. 

Class Notes – Volume 118, Number 4

Cloister friends reunited at Kate (O’Connell) Scavello’s house in DC for a weekend in May. Those in attendance were: Rafael McDonald, a director at the Cambridge Energy Research Associates who lives outside of Boston with his wife and two sons; Sarah Henry, production manager at Yale University Press ,who lives in New Haven; Ashley (Oliver) Kappel, a commercial real-estate attorney at Polsinelli who lives with her husband in Denver; Tracy Bastain, assistant professor of clinical preventive medicine at USC who lives in LA with her son; Erica (Breckner) Schwedel, who works for a family foundation and lives in Connecticut with her husband, son, and daughter; Kate, deputy general counsel at; and J.B. Wolcott, a high school Spanish teacher who lives in Bradenton, Fla., with his wife, son, and daughter.

The Yale game is coming up this weekend! Have a great time if you make it to campus, and send a picture!

Class Notes – Volume 118, Number 2

Aaron and Tomás in Brazil

International Tiger alert: Aaron Cezar and Tomás Amorim crossed paths in Brazil this April. Aaron was representing the Delfina Foundation, a London-based nonprofit dedicated to artistic exchanges that he has directed for 10 years. Tomás recently moved to Rio de Janeiro to manage institutional relations and fundraising at CEBRI, Brazil’s leading foreign policy think tank.

Megan Gilman is making professional strides — she moved to Manhattan in July for a one-year fellowship in psychosomatic medicine and psych oncology at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

New England Tigers can look forward to several events the weekend of Oct. 20: the Tiger Entrepreneurs Conference, the Harvard football game, and the Head of the Charles Regatta. Check out the Alumni Association calendar for more details. Send photos if you run into classmates at these events!

Class Notes – Volume 118, Number 1

Classmates at Adelante Tigers

Nydia Mancini wrote with news of Adelante Tigers, the inaugural conference celebrating Latino alumni held on campus in March. More than 700 alumni and guests gathered for several events including a conversation with Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor ’76. Our class, along with neighboring classes, was well represented at the event. Tigers in the photo starting from top left are: Carlos Bermudez ’98, Alfredo Ramirez ’98, Hannah Breshin ’98, Ana Vazquez ’98, Jesse Gomez ’98, Selina Ozuna ’98, Araceli Martínez-Olguin,Luke Guerra, Marcos Vigil ’97, Diane Gomez-Thinnes ’98, Mario Moya ’01, Edgar Gonzalez ’02, Marta Santos ’98, Nydia, Veronica Villasenor ’98, Vanessa Gómez, Desiderio Avila, and David Mejias ’98.

Nydia works in Pinehurst, N.C., as a network pharmacist for Community Care of North Carolina, a nonprofit that provides complex-care management to state Medicaid beneficiaries with the goal of improving quality and lowering total cost of care; she is also an active member of Toastmasters International. Araceli has settled in the San Francisco Bay Area and works as an immigrants-rights attorney specializing in impact litigation. Desi is an urologist specializing in male reproduction. He and his wife, Cristina (Ramos) Avila, an attorney on hiatus, live in Phoenix, Ariz., with their three young children. Vanessa is a pediatric hospitalist at the Children’s Hospital of Southwest Florida, and lives in Florida with her husband and children. Luke is a partner with Kirkland & Ellis in Los Angeles, focusing in the areas of private equity, mergers and acquisitions, corporate securities and finance, and corporate governance.

Hope everyone had a great summer vacation! Send news of barbecues, pool parties, and 40th birthdays.

Class Notes – Volume 117, Number 14

I couldn’t attend personally, but I had spies on the ground at Reunions this year that a good time was had by all, under the 20th (gulp) tent. Although I didn’t need them to know that.

Holt family at 50th Reunion

Will Holt and Chris Laporte were spotted goin’ back to attend the 50th reunion of their fathers’ class. Will was joined by his wife, Ayyana Chakravartula, and their three sons. Chris was joined by Jennifer (Joseph) Laporte and their three kids. Will and Ayyana took the kids to NYC for a post-Reunions trip. Pictured here are Will and his mom and dad, Emmy and Bill Holt ’67, and two of Will’s kids.

My spy, Krista Haley, caught up with a bunch of classmates but in the blur of Reunions could only recall details of a couple. She tells me that Atu Darko and his husband, Yves, are moving to D.C. Katie Bay works for Homeland Security and is soon moving to Austria from Philadelphia. Krista followed up Reunions with a “40/60” trip to Europe with her mother, which I find to be a brilliant idea. Anyone else have any awesome 40th birthday party plans?

Speaking of turning 40, on the Saturday of Reunions, several of us in Boston had our own mini-reunion in honor of Regan Marsh’s birthday. Regan, Margot (Albeck) Phillips, Dave Phillips, Vanessa Biondo, Heidi (Harbison) Kimberly ’97, Taylor Kimberly ’96, and Lindsay Fossett got together to bowl and eat pizza. Trust me, it’s as appropriate for a 40th birthday party as it is for a 10th.

Have a great summer, all!

Class Notes – Volume 117, Number 13

This edition of Class Notes is brought to you by Classmates Doing Awesome Things.

We head to Atlanta where Ann Rodriguez, as one might expect, is kicking ass and taking names. Hot Rod leads business operations for the MLS expansion team Atlanta United FC, and was recently named to Sports Business Journal’s list of “Forty Under 40”. (She may or may not have squeaked in under the wire for that designation.) She has also helped launch two other professional soccer teams, and has been instrumental in the initial success of the United.

Finally, we head north to Cambridge where Sep Kamvar, a former Google executive and current professor in the MIT media lab, is getting a lot of press as the creator of Wildflower Montessori Schools. Wildflower’s schools are working to innovate education with data-gathering technology on children’s behavior to better understand their needs. Incidentally, Sep also works part time as a Uniqlo model – I was surprised to see him on a billboard in downtown Boston last year.

I want to hear from you even if all you’re doing is hosting barbecues and chasing around after your kids! Send news.