Annual Giving

20th Reunion Annual Giving campaign, July 1, 2018 – June 30 2019

November 2018

Dear Classmates,

Going Back, Going Back, Going Back to Nassau Hall…

Two decades later, these words can still take you right back to our senior spring at the best old place of all. We worked hard. We played hard. We slept late… or not at all. We didn’t realize just how precious that time and those opportunities were. Most importantly, we walked out through the front gates with bolh an exceptional education and lifelong friendships. Can you imagine your life without Princelon?

Now, as we approach the tremendous milestone of our 20th Reunion, it is our tum to go back—and to give back—as many alumni did before us. In honor of our 20th, the Class of 1999 seeks to raise at least $2,750,000 from 788 classmates (65%). While this means we have some serious work ahead of us, we know achieving these goals will have a significant impact on Princeton’s ability to provide distinctive and outstanding opportunities to current and future generations of Tigers, so that the words “Going Back” will always mean the same to them as it does to us and the alumni that came before us. (Reminder: tuition alone does not cover the cost of a Princeton education.)

Our terrific 20th Reunion AG Participation team of classmates will be reaching out to you to encourage you to make a gift that is meaningful to you, regardless of size. Please remember that every gift, no matter the size, counts and is a testament to your continuing dedication to—and affection for—Old Nassau. Annual Giving is also a great excuse to reach out to old friends and classmates, so we’d welcome your volunteer time if you’d like to join our AG team! We hope you will reflect on all that Princeton has given to you and what you can give to Princeton students today. Please consider making your gift to our 20th Reunion Annual Giving campaign your best ever! There are several ways to make your gift now:

  1. Make your gift online at
  2. Call the Annual Giving gift line at 800-258-5421 or 609-258-3373 internationally.
  3. If you want to give a gift of securities, please contact Maria Bolis in the Annual Giving office at 609-258-0013.

If you are interested in joining the AG volunteer team, please contact Nora Abularach at

With sincerest thanks on behalf of ’99,

Nora Meltzer Abularach
Participation Chair

Lissa Irons Seem
Participation Chair

Brooke Doherty Hogan
Class Agent

Josh Epstein
Class Agent

Taylor Goodson Pavelski
Class Agent

Ari Weinberg
Class Agent