Class Notes – Volume 119, Number 9

Some classmates shared news on their AG cards. Helen Azzam Koenig writes that she and her husband, George (Bucknell ’96), “are excited to welcome our third little Tiger, Callie Elena, born Jan. 11, 2018. Sister Emma (7) and brother George (5) are excited to bring her to this year’s P-rade!”

Kerry Briones tells us, “I am enjoying my new independent medical practice, Tryon Medical Partners, which we opened in fall 2018. My kids are 11 and 7 and growing fast. Looking forward to seeing everyone for our 20th!”

Pat Horn has had an exciting few years. “After making my second successful ascent of Mt. Everest, I married the sister of my guide and am living in the Rolling Valley, near Kathmandu. We are preparing for a pilgrimage to Potala Palace, but may stop by Reunions this June.”

Now that I think about it, Pat may be trolling us. Only one way to find out — come to our 20th reunion this spring and ask him yourself! Head to our class website to register.