Class Notes – Volume 119, Number 8

Lawrence Hall of Science mini-reunion

Ashley Conrad-Saydah shared the news of a mini-reunion over Thanksgiving when she, Summer Riley Erickson, AyyanaChakravartula, and Katharine Strunk got their kids together for some playtime. “While the eight kids (Summer’s twin sons were napping at home) had a blast playing games at the “Well Played” exhibit at the Lawrence Hall of Science, we four moms had a great time catching up and even managed to snap a picture together. We realized we left Will Holt out of the picture but he was busy shooting hoops with the kids. Everyone is well and happy. Katharine moved to East Lansing last year for a great gig at Michigan State, but the rest of us are still in California. We can’t wait to see the rest of our classmates at Reunions!”

On that note — Jackie Bruce reminds us all that our 20th reunion is right around the corner! “Are you ready for your Reunions rewind? We will be partying like it’s 1999 with a special musical tribute highlighting the spirit of the times! Visit www.princeton99.comfor registration info.”