Class Notes – Volume 119, Number 1

Hope everyone had a fantastic summer! It’s been great to receive photos of mini-reunions — keep them coming as we head towards our 20th!

Amelia Robertson Brown checks in from Brisbane, Australia, to announce the British publication of her first book, Corinth in Late Antiquity: A Greek, Roman and Christian City.The book is based on her Ph.D. thesis of 2008, from UC Berkeley, but with much revision over the past 10 years.

Amelia is currently senior lecturer in Greek history and language at the U. of Queensland in Brisbane. Her daughter, Amy Summer (5), just started school, while son Mark is now 3. Her husband, Graham Elliott ’01, continues to work as a project director for Energy World, and they have lived in Australia for nine years.

Princeton Club of Chicago annual meeting

Sam Lubner reports that a small posse of ’99ers reunited at the Princeton Club of Chicago’s annual meeting. Mandy Terc,Brian Johnson, Sam, and Lisa Mullaney had a chance to get together and share some Tiger cheer. “We all marveled at how incredibly youthful we all still were.” Totally. Sam works at the U. of Wisconsin as an oncologist.