Class Notes – Volume 118, Number 14

A little rain (and thunder and lightning) may have cancelled the P-rade for the first time in 50 years, but it did not deter a small group of ’99ers from goin’ back to Old Nassau! Much thanks to the great Class of 1998 for hosting us at “20,000 Ivy Leagues Under the Sea.”

99ers at Reunions

Over beers and cider I chatted with Len Teti, Kate O’Connell Scavello, Sue Dodge,Father Joe Thomas, and Amy Zakar (all pictured, with me in the middle). I also caught up with Mike McDonnell, George Trumbull, Thomas Scriven, Sep Kamvar, Gary Pai, and Laura Godfrey. From afar I spotted Ari Weinberg, Chrystie Yodice, and Simone Zamore Curbelo. My spies spotted Krista Haley and Kassie Helm but sadly I missed catching up with those ladies!

Less than a year until we party like it’s 1999 at our own 20th … start making your travel plans!