Class Notes – Volume 118, Number 10

Charlie and Jacob

Ilya Shapiro checks in to report that Charles Alexander (“Charlie”) was born Feb. 16. Big brother Jacob, who just turned two, is thrilled with “my baby.” Mama Kristin Shapiro is glad that Charlie one-upped his bro by only causing 15 hours of labor rather than 21. Ilya has already enjoyed watching Olympic hockey with his sons — though, given his incredible neck strength, Charlie may be looking to medal in skeleton. All are doing well, and a version of this birth notice appeared in DC’s paper of record, Politico’s Playbook.

Debbie and Eugenie at Oval with Points

Meanwhile, Debbie Kuan sends the news that Eugenie Jun Kuan-McLean was born in October 2015, two days after Debbie’s birthday and one day before her husband’s. Debbie has begun the Princeton indoctrination early, as shown with this photo in the two of them last year sitting on Nixon’s nose. Debbie has been busy — she also published a second collection of poetry, Lunch Portraits, which came out with Brooklyn Arts Press at the end of 2015. She and her husband live in Brooklyn.