Class Notes – Volume 117, Number 11

Bay Area Tigers

Co-class VP Emily (Koster) Walling surveyed Bay Area ’99ers last summer to determine a date, location, and event type for a class get-together. The Sunday before Election Day, the gods of child naps and illnesses did their best to derail things, but four awesome lady Tigers (and some of their boy cubs) came out to enjoy the sunshine and catch up. Pictured are Ayyana Emily, Gillian Ashenfelter, and Cat Sheane. Then, in the New Year, Emily celebrated her 40th with a party in San Francisco with several Princetonians in attendance, including a former boss who was connected to some of the other ’99 guests in small-world ways. Gotta love the Tiger network!

Emily Koster 40th birthday

Partying like it was 1999 were: Wiley Anderson, Steve Chang, Chandler (Sims) Chang, Julia (Harrison) Anderson ’00, Sean Foley ’89, Will Holt, Ayyana Chakravartula, Carrie (Brady) Hsiang, Emily, Dara Kennedy, Andrew Walling ’01, and Kerren (Berger) Dempsey ’97. Emily thinks maybe she’ll try a class wine night next to see if she can coax more Tigers to come out and play. If you want to host an event in your area, please contact her or Gary Pai.

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