Class Notes – Volume 117, Number 6

We have an Ashley-themed class notes this week.

Ashley Oliver Kappel and Dirk Kappel

Ashley Oliver Kappel shared life-changing news of her recent marriage to Dirk Kappel. Ashley married Dirk Kappel (Texas A&M University ’97) on August 13, 2016, at her family’s ranch in Creede, Colorado. It was a private family wedding which made for a lovely small ceremony but an unfortunate lack of fellow Tigers. Ashley and Dirk also recently bought a second home in Salida, Colorado, minutes from Mt. Princeton. I see lots of hiking in the Kappels’ future! Ashley is a commercial real estate attorney at Polsinelli PC and lives full time in Denver.

Ashley and Kate

Ashley Doran Northup shared slightly less life-changing, but still exciting, news of her recent lunch date with college roommate Kate Fleeger. Kate was flying to the west coast and had a layover at SeaTac airport. Instead of a short layover, she chose a three hour stop so the ladies could meet for lunch! They found the one eatery that served food and beer outside of security and got caught up. Kate lives in Maryland with her husband Eric and their son Milo (4). She was recently promoted to Lieutenant Colonel in the Marine Corps and works on small tactical unmanned aerial systems. Ashley remains in her beloved Seattle and has just started a small business, teaching gentle and chair yoga to seniors at yoga studios and in retirement communities. She doesn’t anticipate Southdown Yoga becoming an empire, but loves being back in a teaching role and enjoys being around senior yogis.

Next issue: Brian-themed notes? Jennifer-themed notes? It’s in your hands, classmates!

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