Class Notes – Volume 116, Number 14

In praise of the off-year reunion: No pressure! You go where you want (Beach Boys cover band at the 45th? I’m there!) when you want. There are fewer people to talk to, so you have fewer, but more meaningful, conversations. Your freshman-year RA or your club field hockey teammate? You haven’t seen her in years, but here she is at her 20th!

As expected, our 17th reunion was fantastic. Thanks to the Class of ’01 for hosting us at “It’s an ’01derful Life” in the Wilson courtyard. Our class’s showing was small but powerful! Ken Lee led the P-rade with his famous cowbell. Gary Pai kept us well fed with a cart full of hoagies from the Haven. Dan Hatfield and Lindsay Fossett maintained their six-year tradition of completing the “Reunions 10” (think Prospect 13, only we’re older), along with Sarah (Porter) Harper ’01, Kelsey Namara Shaw ’01, and Rachel Kimbrough.

Tisha Thompson, Lindsay Fossett, and Kassie Helm and her sons.

Amanda Mitchell Rinkoff was spotted with her Crimson sisters, in town for their dad’s 50th. Allegra Wiles was close at hand as well. John Goldie made the trip down from New York for his father’s 50th. I tried to convince Cathie (StoiaParker ’99.5 to re-identify with our class, but unfortunately she’s sticking with 2000. Krista Haley is expanding her Busted Barrel distillery empire, but sadly neglected to pour out samples this year. I gave out shoulder rides to Tisha Thompson’s younger son and to Kassie Helm’s twin boys and my back is still sore. In the photo are (l-r) Tisha Thompson, Lindsay Fossett, and Kassie and her sons.

Have a great summer, all!