Class Notes – Volume 116, Number 13

Margaroli-Feyer wedding party

Our resident crossword-puzzle maven Dan Feyer hosted a big group of Tigers at his wedding to Gretchen Margaroli (U. of Vermont ’99) July 26, 2015, in Sonoma, Calif. Pictured are: Lindsay Tasher ’00, Sarah Corey, Larry Jay ’67, David Kessler, Lauren Peccoralo ’01, Robert Feyer ’68 (father of the groom), Gretchen, Ryan Sawchuk ’00, Dan, Kevin Gillett, Jon Feyer ’09 and Steve Feyer ’03 (brothers of the groom), Brian Benway, Will Zahn, Peter Mills ’95, and Cara Reichel ’96.

Hope that our small but spirited crowd of off-year Reunions attendees had a great time! Send photos from the tents!