Class Notes – Volume 116, Number 11

mini reunion in Seattle

Hearing about classmates’ mini-reunions always makes me happy! So I was pleased to get the following update from Ashley Doran Northup:  “Last April, all the planets aligned and brought Julia Taylor, me, Kelly (Barkin) Sventy, and her brother Brad Barkin ’03 into my living room in Seattle for a sunny happy hour.  As always, we chatted like no time had passed and as if we didn’t all live thousands of miles apart. Felt just like college except there was a puppy, a baby, and some other kids running around and we were drinking white wine in glasses, not The Beast in keg cups. But, basically nothing has changed. I can report everyone is happy, healthy, and hilarious!”

David Kessler, wife, and daughters

David Kessler reports that he often finds himself surrounded by women. At least that’s how I interpreted the photo he sent. He checked in to announce the birth of their third child, Adira Merav Kessler on November 7. Adira joins her adoring sisters Selah and Naya.