Class Notes – Volume 116, Number 10

Forbes reunion in Houston

Jackie Bruce sends news of a Forbes reunion in Houston. She and Tara (Thompson) Dudley visited Lissa (Edwards) and John Pearson in Houston last spring. Tara lives near Austin with husband David and daughters Zoya and Aria. She is putting her PhD to good use at an architecture firm, and is currently working on a historical preservation project in Maryland. Lissa works for NOAA, and John is an assistant US attorney. They have daughters Katie Lou and Mae and had just welcomed a new rescue puppy into the mix! Jackie is a history teacher in Richmond and still keeps her hand in food/housewares marketing and blogging.

Jack Thomas Shapiro

Ilya Shapiro checks in to report that: “On Jan. 4, Kristin and I welcomed the arrival of our ‘first amendment.’ Jacob ‘Jack’ Thomas Shapiro arrived four weeks sooner than expected, showing the characteristic Shapiro impatience. Baby and mom are doing great; Jack even helps his dad write briefs and op-eds late at night, crying in alarm at maladroit turns of phrase. No word yet which bar exam he’ll take, but we’ve ordered a long-form birth certificate in case he goes into politics and Donald Trump’s grandkids question his birth details. In the attached picture, you can see that he even cheers on the Tigers in his sleep.”