Class Notes – Volume 116, Number 8

classmates at holiday party

Boston-area Tigers decked the halls at your faithful secretary’s holiday party. Pictured are Bruce Stewart ’96, Matt Russell, Lindsay Fossett, Dan Hatfield, and Juliana Gamble. Andrew Levin and Laura Vaughn joined the party later in the evening. Matt and Dan both recently made the reverse move of suburbs to city. Juliana and her husband, Carlos, are trying to keep up with their son, Mateo, who just learned to walk. Andrew, Laura, and their two kids just returned to Boston after several years in Miami. I continue to fight Darwin every day in my work as an ER doctor.

AnnMarie and 3 sons

AnnMarie (Reich) Lattanzi visited me a couple of times this year from her home in Curaçao. In exchange, I spent a week with her family in their perch above the Caribbean. (No question about who got the better end of that deal!) AnnMarie is living in Curaçao for two years while her husband, Paul, is on assignment there with the Coast Guard. She works in the emergency department at the island’s only hospital. She’s pictured here on a visit to Boston with sons Zachary, Stephen, and William.

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