Class Notes – Volume 116, Number 2

News from the class-dues cards! Melissa Tritter Paschall reports from the People’s Republic of Cambridge, Mass., that she “recently bought and renovated a townhome in a beautiful co-housing community. I’m still working at Harvard Business School and will soon be teaching as an adjunct at Presidio Graduate School. My husband, Steve, took a leave from his job and is exploring a robotics innovation hub startup. Ellie is 3 and says the darnedest things. I can’t even begin to describe them.”

Your trusty class officers are working on some class events for the upcoming year. We are always looking for volunteers, so get in touch with one of us (me, Josh Pollack, Emily Walling, Gary Pai, Kenneth Lee) if you’d like to help! In the meantime, if you will be attending “We Flourish: Celebrating Asian American Alumni at Princeton University,” coming up Oct. 15-17, keep your eye out for a 1999 event during the conference.