Class Officers 2014

Because of a shortage of candidates for class officer positions, we had to cancel this year’s election. Fortunately, we had a volunteer for each position, which will carry us through the next five years. Below are each of their candidate statements. We had two candidates who chose to share the position of Vice President.


Josh Pollack

It’s difficult to wrap my head around the fact that we are now fifteen years out from Old Nass, and that I have had the honor of serving as your Class President for the past decade. Thank you so much for giving me that opportunity. But more importantly, I want to give special thanks to all of you that give so much of yourselves to our Class and to Princeton every day: our Annual Giving leaders, Josh, Ari, and Samantha, and those of you who repeatedly take on the unenviable task of asking classmates for funds; our Reunions Chairs, Emily and Deidre, and the numerous other members of our Reunions Committee who have put weeks and months of their time into a three-day extravaganza; and my fellow Class Officers, Gary, Ken, Bob, and Michael. Classmates, it would be a privilege to continue serving as your Class President. See you next week!


Gary Pai and Emily Walling

’99ers – We have a longstanding passion for Princeton. Over the past 15 years, we have served as Presidents of our local alumni associations (NYC and Northern California), on the Alumni Council Executive Committee and Alumni Schools Committee, and as Vice Chair of the NYC Prize in Race Relations (Gary) and Annual Giving Co-Class-Agent (Emily). For the past five years, as Class VP, Gary has helped improve our off-Reunions receptions, hand-delivering custom-ordered Hoagie Haven goodness to our P-Rade meeting spot, while Emily has served as Reunions co-chair for our 10th and 15th reunions.

As your co-VPs we would like to provide new opportunities for you to re-connect with other classmates and the University. We would like to increase the number of events we do globally. For example, we would create a new ’99 Day each year where classmates come together to participate in regional family, educational, social, or service events around the world. We would continue to host regional get-togethers, especially around key Princeton events, and also look for more opportunities to help you stay in touch (be they family-friendly events, private tours/lectures, discussion groups or travel opportunities).

We look forward to continuing to serve our class – wherever in the world you live – and supporting the Great Class of 1999!


Lindsay Fossett

Bob Smiley leaves some big shoes to fill, but I am ready for the challenge. I look forward to sharing our classmates’ milestones, both professional and personal. And any time you have more than two classmates gathered together, please take a picture and pass it along to me!


Kenneth Lee

I have had the pleasure and honor to be Treasurer for the awesome Class of 1999 for the past five years. I’ve identified and executed several cost saving steps and ensure the financial stability of our class while managing to keep our dues payments at a flat cost of $25/year (remember to pay your dues at There is more I would like to do to increase the transparency of dues payment history and continuing to increase the participation rate of dues payments. I would be honored to continue in this role. Locamotives!