Class Notes – Volume 110, Number 3

Back in our freshman year, TRAVIS LEBLANC tried to assemble a bicycle he had purchased, but put the handlebars on backwards, couldn’t figure out how to take it apart, and never rode the thing once. Best I can tell, that was Travis’ last embarrassing failure. Since then he has racked up degrees from various elite schools including Harvard, Yale, and Cambridge, was married in 2007, and now finds himself working as an attorney for the office of legal counsel in the Department of Justice. Duties of the office include drafting opinions for the attorney general and ensuring that all of President Obama’s executive orders are actually legal. No word on when Travis expects to achieve complete world domination.

PAT LEE has a new position too, as the director of chronic diseases for Tiyatien Health in Liberia. The organization was founded by survivors of the country’s civil war and is committed to meeting the healthcare needs of Liberia’s poor. Before that, Pat was working for Partners in Health in Rwanda after finishing his residency at Massachusetts General Hospital. As if that isn’t enough to keep him busy, Pat will also be co-directing a new elective at Harvard Med School this spring. He says his career goals are “to strengthen primary care systems in developing settings and to teach the future global health leaders of tomorrow.” Based on the above, it sounds like he’s doing it. [ed. note: This item was marked as “particulary noteworthy” by the PAW editors.]