Class Notes – Volume 109, Number 13

Rob Hays, wife Alicia, and three children

Even though ROB HAYS handily beat me in our March Madness pool, I won’t let bitterness stop me from sharing this happy picture he sent in. Here are Rob and wife, Alicia ’04, with their own basketball team in the making (l-r): John Paul (3), Josh (2), and James (6 months).

Aleksander Aspen Nikolov and father, Philip

PHILIP NIKOLOV is also a proud papa, as he and wife Jasmina welcomed Aleksander Aspen (pictured) Oct. 28, 2008. Alex had a “lucky 7” birth at 7:07 p.m. and weighing 7 pounds. When “not busy giving Alex raspberries on his belly,” Philip oversees a software-development team at Goldman Sachs. He’s also renovated their Brooklyn home to include an apartment for guests, and Tigers are welcome to visit; no babysitting skills even required.

DAVID ASCHER shares this colorful take on his past 10 years: “It’s been a busy stretch. After Princeton, I joined McKinsey & Co. in LA, then did the law school gig at Harvard, then back to McKinsey, then on to found a private-equity firm called Transom Capital Group. In the meantime, I married a wonderful woman named Negin (a UCLA alum — eek!) and we have two wonderful children, Hannah (4) and Macabee (18 months).”

Reunions is two weeks away: Put on your derby best and join the celebration. If you haven’t signed up yet, head to Foulke-Henry Courtyard and register onsite. See you soon!