Congratulations to our new officers

Online voting is now over (as of 11:59 PM EDT on Tuesday, May 26th). Two races were uncontested, so those outcomes are obvious. We had 210 class members vote in the election. Congratulations to our new class officers.


Josh Pollack
(198 votes)


Gary Pai
(110 votes, 52.9%)

Brad Hart
(98 votes, 47.1%)


Bob Smiley
(108 votes, 52.2%)

Julie Angell and Emily (Koster) Walling [co-candidates] (99 votes, 47.8%)


Ken Lee
(201 votes)

2 thoughts on “Congratulations to our new officers

  1. It is frustrating that all of our class officers, as well as all of the ’99ers on panels are men. We can, should, and must do better in making sure that Princeton women have a hand in shaping the future of this institution and are given the recognition for their significant achievements, early in their careers, across the board.

  2. Thankfully, Ann Rodriguez is on one of the panels. And for an entertainment subsect dominated by male executives.

    I don’t disagree with your comment, but we women need to run for more offices then! Perhaps you and others should appeal to the officers for one of the appointed class offices.

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