Class Notes – Volume 109, Number 12

The registration dispatches continue to roll in. The following classmates are all registered for “Tentucky Derby,” and here are topics they’ll surely be happy to discuss as you meet under the tents. Speaking of which, online registration ends April 30. To avoid having to buy tickets under the tents in May, visit today.

If you enjoyed that little rhyme, look for the true artists in our class. JESSICA WILSON just earned an MFA in creative writing from the U. of Ariz. EMILY MOORE and JESSICA DELVECCHIO are two-thirds of the all-girl camp country trio, Ménage à Twang, with a debut CD available on iTunes and CDBaby.

And MARLO HUNTER is helping organize a BodyHype alumni reunion show to honor and remember the late BILL DEDERER and Temai Myambo ’96. The performance will be in Richardson Auditorium Friday, May 29.

If you think you’re too busy for Reunions, compare notes with DASHA KOVALCHUK and KRIS MASTRONARDI, whose wedding is two weeks later on June 13, 2009, in Newport, Rhode Island. BREN and Karen BALDOCK are also busy, expecting their first child this summer, a year after their wedding. And ERICA MCCORMICK is planning a Nov. 1, 2009, wedding to Leendert Dorst in Poughkeepsie, NY.

Rhys Kenji Makai

Looking for play dates? MONICA DIVAKARUNI is bringing son Alexander, born June 4, 2007. KERRY BRIONES and husband Marcus (U. of Richmond ’95) will bring daughter Isabella Grace, born November 2007. They are moving to Durham, N.C., where Kerry will be an internist and Marcus will complete a shoulder fellowship. And Doug and GRETCHEN (HULTMAN) MAKAI welcomed second son, Rhys Kenji (pictured), July 14, 2008, and will move to Philadelphia in July.