Reunions Updates, 5/22

Dear Classmates,

We are so excited for the Derby! In addition to the meals and high-energy entertainment, our Tenth will include a class photo, community service project and memorial service. Plus there will be the usual roster of campus-wide events. Please read this update to find out everything you need to know about our Tenth, including event details, attire suggestions, housing info, mobile updates (including the mobile-friendly and more.

We look forward to seeing you on campus next week!

– The Tenth Reunion Committee

Questions? E-mail us. Technical difficulties? Let us know.

In this update:


Registration, costume and key pickup will be in Foulke-Henry Courtyard, the usual location for the Tenth Reunion. Wristbands are only available during the following hours:

  • Thursday, May 28: 12:00 noon until 11:00 p.m.
  • Friday, May 29: 9:00 a.m. until 12:00 midnight
  • Saturday,May 30: 9:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m.; 5:00 p.m. until 11:00 p.m.

Wristband Policy: Wristbands are not required for daytime activities such as the Alumni-Faculty Forums and P-rade. Wristbands ARE required for evening events held in each Reunions Headquarters. If you lose or cut off your wristband, there will be a replacement fee of $50.

Satellite classes for our Reunions include the classes of 1997 through 2002.

Weekend Attire

As usual, anything orange goes, but more specifically:

P-rade: Your Reunions chairs will do their best to post snapshots of the P-rade costumes next Wednesday – the first day our committee has access to the costumes – to help in your packing process. As a reminder, the women’s tunic was designed to be flexible for different body types. Some may choose to wear it over shorts or pants; others may choose to wear it on its own as a sun dress. Pack for flexibility!

Women will be receiving hats as part of their costume and are welcome to bring orange and black adornments for added flair. Lastly, our costumes ensure we’ll have plenty of Derby spectators, but what about jockeys? If you’re in the mood and have the attire, please feel free to sport a jockey outfit.

Friday Dinner: You are welcome to wear your costume any time you want, especially Saturday, but for the Class Dinner on Friday we suggest that people wear colorful summer dresses/pants and any other derby-type attire to play up the theme.If you have a crazy hat, bring it to add to the fun.

Rain Gear: While it has been chilly recently, please remember it gets hot in NJ in late May and that thunderstorms are quite common. If you want to be fully prepared, we suggest that you bring rain gear and comfortable shoes that you don’t mind getting muddy.

Community Service: If you are participating in the Community Service event, please remember to bring jeans, closed toe-shoes and clothes you don’t mind getting dirty or covered in paint.

Reunions Schedule

There are many open events throughout Reunions, including the Alumni-Faculty panels, plays, musical performances and exhibits. We’ve linked to the general schedule below and to a few university-wide events potentially of interest to our class. As it’s a major reunion for us, there will also be a number of class-specific events during the three-day party, including a community service project, a memorial service in Prospect Gardens and a class photo in front of Blair Arch. A link to the Class of 1999 Schedule is below and we have also linked an abbreviated wallet-sized version of the schedule [PDF] for convenience (which also lists events where our classmates are speaking!).

P-rade: begins at 2:00 pm on Saturday afternoon and this year our staging location is on the hill across from Dillon Gym by Cuyler and Patton. The University recommends that you arrive there no later than 1:45 PM.

The Dixieland band that will be leading us in the parade will also be on hand in our staging area to keep everyone entertained during the festivities. Be sure to show that tiger spirit! We want to see all of you moving and shaking your way down the route. Plus, with over a thousand participants in just our group, we need to keep things rolling. Stay energized and we advise that you either carry very young children or use a stroller.

Fireworks: The University Lawn Concert begins at about 8 PM. The fireworks start at 9:15 PM and end around 9:45. The primary viewing location is Finney/Campbell Fields and the best path there is on Ivy Lane north of Princeton Stadium. Per the University, do not cut through the old Armory or Stadium to get there.

If you plan to be on the road during this time, please note that there will be a number of street closings, including Washington and Faculty Roads. In the event of bad weather, check the fireworks hotline (609-258-8100) or Reunions Mobile for updates and weather related changes.

Info for Parents

For Reunions there will be a play area, a bouncy castle and changing station for parents at our headquarters. Please note that while there will be volunteers throughout our tent, there won’t be any dedicated supervision of the kids or parents areas. Supervision of all children is the responsibility of their caretakers/guardians.

There are a number of kid-friendly activities during Reunions, including An Afternoon of Magic sponsored by the Class of 1969, an open air performance by the PU Band, a kite exhibit at Firestone library, a discussion of music from a physics perspective and the always thrilling fireworks display.

A number of you have inquired about whether you should fly with child safety seats for later ground travel. A description of New Jersey child safety seat law is available here. While child safety seats are compulsory for car travel, please note that shuttles or bus operators are apparently not required to equip their vehicles with such safety restraints. Often, these vehicles also do not have seatbelts.

Housing and Lodging

Hotel Guests: For those of you who are staying at Route 1 hotels, the University is offering shuttle service – aka Tiger Transit – to a number of them. The various schedules and hotel list can be found here. Bus schedules are also located in the hotel lobbies on the routes above, at the Frist Campus Center and at all major reunion headquarters sites. You may also access them through Reunions Mobile. The hotel campus bus stop is located off of Elm Drive at Lot #6 (near Baker Rink).

Campus and Westminster Guests: There are two housing options: on-campus and Westminster Choir College. The check-in procedure for both locations will be the same.

Please go to our registration booth on campus during the following hours: Thursday noon – 11pm; Friday 9am – midnight; Saturday 9am – 1pm, 5pm – 11pm. Room keys and linen packages will be distributed at check-in. The linen packages consist of two flat sheets, one pillow case, one light weight blanket, and two towels. Each bed also comes with a disposable pillow. We urge you to take the pillows home with you as they cannot be turned into Housing due to health regulations. If you are unable to do so, please turn in the pillows with your linens and they will be recycled by the University.

As a reminder, you will be required to leave a refundable key/linen deposit of $100 total. Please bring either a credit card or a check for the deposits for both keys ($50) and linens ($50). Our registration booth this year will be able to use credit card holds for deposits. You will also have the option of providing checks if you prefer. Checks will be cashed and credit cards charged only if linens or keys are not returned. If you opt to use checks, it is recommended that you bring two checks so that key and linen deposits are kept separate.

Once you have checked in, you will be given your room assignment either on-campus or at Westminster Choir College (WCC). You should already know whether you are staying on campus or at WCC. For those who are at WCC, once you check in on campus you can proceed to your room. WCC is located across the street from Princeton High School, approximately three-quarters of a mile from the center of campus. All rooms at WCC are doubles.

  • WCC is located at 101 Walnut Lane, Princeton NJ. Directions to WCC ("the Princeton Campus").

Check-out: Please be aware that everyone on both campuses must check out by 10:30 am on Sunday. Further details will be provided when you arrive at Reunions.

Your housing chairs made every effort to accommodate roommate requests. You will be notified of your roommate assignment when you arrive at check-in.

Getting to and Around Campus, Parking

Traveling to Princeton: For those of you who have not traveled to Princeton in recent years, Newark International Airport now has its own stop on NJ Transit’s Northeast Corridor line, separate from Newark Penn Station. It is about a 50 minute train ride to Princeton Junction.

Also Olympic Airporter is offering alumni the discounted student shuttle rate of $25 each way between Newark Airport and several of the Reunions hotels. You can book your reservation online at Princeton University Alumni Airport Transportation Reservations .

Campus Parking: Click here for a pdf detailing the hours and availability for various lots. Where possible we encourage classmates to park at their hotels and take the free hotel shuttle service provided by the University.

Town Parking: There is some metered parking in town, as well as garages on Chambers, Hulfish and Spring Streets. You should note that there are a number of ongoing construction projects and some familiar parking lots may not be accessible.

The Alumni Association provides a shuttle service to help you move from the parking lots, Princeton Stadium, Forbes College and the Graduate College to the main campus. During Reunions there will be three main routes: a) Lot 21/Campus – loop, b) Main Campus – Elm Drive,c) Forbes/Grad College/Campus – loop. The hotel campus bus stop is located off of Elm Drive at Lot #6 (parking garage).

Accessing Reunions Info

Free wireless access is available in most campus buildings and outdoors by Firestone, McCosh, Frist Student Center, Cannon Green and Alexander Beach. The name of the network is puvisitor. For those of you who do not plan to bring computers, PDAs or other mobile devices, the University will provide log-free computer clusters during Reunions at McCosh B59, 1901 Cluster and Frist.

In addition, our class will use Twitter for updates.

If you are planning to bring along a PDA or web-enabled mobile device, there are two great websites that you should bookmark today:

  • Tenth Reunion Website (mobile-friendly version)
  • Alumni Association’s Reunion Website (mobile-friendly version)

Gym Access

Alumni and their guests are invited to use Dillon Gym, Stephen Fitness Center and DeNunzio Pool. Click here for hours. [PDF]

Policy Guidelines

There are a number of policies which you should familiarize yourself with before visiting campus next week.

Alcohol Policy: The University and Borough prohibit:

  • Transporting of an open container of alcohol across common spaces of the University. (Common spaces are areas such as lounges, open campus, meeting halls, etc., outside of Reunions Headquarters).
  • Possession of a container of alcohol by persons under the age of 21.
  • Serving of alcohol to persons under the age of 21.

Animals: Animals are not permitted in academic and dormitory buildings or major reunion headquarters sites, with the exception of service animals or those training for guests with disabilities. All other animals are prohibited.

Inclement weather: The University has detailed advice for lightning storm preparedness [pdf]. The tents and open structures do not provide adequate shelter from lightning.

Photography: Photographs and recordings taken by anyone authorized by Princeton University during Reunions may be used in publications, both electronic and print, at the discretion of the University.


  • Emergency Public Safety: (609) 258-3333
  • Non-Emergency Public Safety: (609) 258-1000
  • In the event of an emergency, DO NOT call 911 from your cell phone. The call will be rerouted to Mercer County police, which will significantly slow down response time. Instead, you may dial 911 from a blue light or any campus phone.

Class officer voting is now open

Voting for the Princeton Class of 1999 officer positions is now open. The voting site is driven by the same Reunion Technologies registration system that powered sign-ups for Reunions.

The voting is now closed.

When clicking the link above, you will be directed to the log-in form.  Those who registered for Reunions may sign in with the same credentials; others can use the 10-digit number printed on the Princeton Alumni Weekly mailing label or click a link to retrieve that 10-digit number. There are more detailed instructions on the Reunion Technologies page.

The system will record whether you have voted to prevent you from voting twice, but the details of your vote will be anonymous. Final results will be announced on after 11:59 PM EDT on Tuesday, May 26th.

If you have trouble voting, please e-mail

Please familiarize yourself with the candidate statements below before clicking over to the voting page.

Candidate for President

Josh Pollack
It’s been a terrific five-year whirlwind serving as your Class President, and I want to thank all of you for the opportunity. This job has allowed me to reconnect with many old friends, and connect with many of you for the first time. We’ve accomplished so much as a class during that period, and it’s been a privilege to play a small role in the much larger work being done by our class volunteers – from our Annual Giving army to our tireless Reunions Committee to those of you who have taken the time to attend a class event or simply keep in touch with a small group of classmates. It would be an honor to continue serving as your President. See you at the Derby!

Candidates for Vice-President

Brad Hart
As we prepare for our 10th Reunion, I’m amazed at how quickly time has passed since graduation. As much as I miss our time at Princeton, I’m thankful for every opportunity I have to spend time with other ’99ers. As Class Vice President for the past 5 years, I’ve planned our popular off-year Reunions receptions and organized regional events. At these events, I’m continually amazed with all of the exciting things that members of our class have accomplished. I have enjoyed serving the class as Vice President and as the co-chair of our fifth Reunion and would like to continue serving the class by organizing and planning more class events over the next five years. I’m excited to reconnect with all of you at Reunions and want to build off our 10th to find new ways to bring the class even closer together.

Gary Pai
Class officers are for bringing the class together to do fun stuff and contribute to the larger community. Even spread out across the globe, we can connect more regularly and stay in touch. As president of the alumni association in NYC, I’ve helped organize many activities including mixers, wine tastings, and a trip to the zoo. I have the energy, the commitment, and the enthusiasm to serve our class as VP and I’d like to do more!

As VP, I’d work to organize mini-reunions in different parts of the world, volunteer projects, family-oriented events, and ski trips to some of the world’s best slopes. Let’s strengthen our connections and create memories through new P99 experiences. Please vote for Gary Pai as your new VP.

Candidates for Secretary

Julie Angell and Emily (Koster) Walling [co-candidates]
P’99 Class Notes – May 2009

Julie Angell and Emily (Koster) Walling, Reunions-planning maniacs, have got the “goin’ back” bug.

They write to say they’d love to be the Class of ‘99’s new Class Secretary. They want to hear about your weddings, babies, new jobs, book deals, advanced degrees, exotic treks, your Dad’s vineyard, your moves to Philly, Hong Kong, or the Bay Area — and more.

Both ladies also want to see more classmates re-connecting. Says EKW: I’ve been involved with Princeton forever; promoting class get-togethers is my thing!” Says JA: “I especially love hearing about ’99 get-togethers in places like Laos , L.A., and Buenos Aires . Invitations are welcome – I mean, just look at these cheeks!”

So put us to work, and let’s stay connected, ’99. Thanks for your time!

Bob Smiley
As a writer who has worked in TV sitcoms, I’m used to an audience with a short attention span. As someone who has done some freelance magazine writing, I hate typos. As a married man with two kids, I appreciate a nice wedding shot and a good baby photo. And as a Princeton alum who finds himself unemployed far too often, I always have plenty of time on my hands. Put these together and I’d like to think I’d make a perfect Class Secretary. (Endorsed by outgoing Secretary Sharon Sampson).

Candidate for Treasurer

Ken Lee
Ken is an avid ’99er and is looking forward to seeing you at our tenth reunion (Ken’s 14th in a row, 10th with a cowbell). He’s also proud of his flawless alumni giving record. He has been active planning this year’s Tentucky Derby as a co-chair on the Technology and P-Rade committees. As an engineer and manager, Ken is familiar with creating, managing, stewarding, and ethically controlling budgets. For the tenth reunion, Ken managed the reunion’s registration website, quickly responding to user requests and managing credit card transactions and refunds. It would honor Ken to serve as 1999’s treasurer.